The techniques to white the teeth have the objective of the modification of the color of the teeth with the respect of the tissues dentin and enamel. These techniques are applied with oxidants gels, (that liberate oxygen), and they can be activated with light or hot, producing the white effect.

What can the whitening techniques do?
They can:

  • Modify the color of the teeth
  • They give an attractive and youth aspect and also a healthy smile

They cannot:

  • Modify the anatomy of the teeth
  • Modify the color of the fillings or restorations
  • Modify the color of the porcelain
  • Have some limitations in severs problems like tetracycline’s

Conditions that have to be taken care of before a whitening treatment:

  • Teeth have to be polished an extremely clean
  • The patient have to instructed to realize the correct cleaning of his teeth
  • Gums have to be healthy
  • There has to be no cavities
  • The patient has to consider not to smoke, drink coffee, drink tea or wine during the treatment
  • Consider reducing acids (lemonade, orange juice) during the treatment.

How long does the whitening treatment effect lasts?
Approximately 4 years (but we have patients who the treatment has lasts 8 years, it will depend of the next conditions:

  • Kind of stains
  • Individual chemical conditions
  • Smoking
  • Drinking coffee or tea
  • Oral Hygiene

Is it a safe treatment?
Under the correct techniques the bleaching treatment is not dangerous or harm enamel, dentin, gum, gastric epithelium, fillings or prosthetics dentures.

Some people can develop tooth sensitivity, but this hypersensitivity to cold or hot is reversible.

How can you maintain your teeth white?
It will depend on several things:

  • Individual chemistry on each mouth
  • Kind of food that you eat (tea, coffee, wine)
  • Smoking habits
  • Oral hygiene

Our advice:

  • Avoid food that can change the color of your teeth
  • If you smoke, stop smoking or smoke less.

Take care of your teeth

  • Brush your teeth three times daily
  • Use the correct tooth paste (with abrasive or a whitening)

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